The R&D Centre facility focuses on Generic API, API Intermediates development, Key Starting Material preparation, API standard prepartion and Impurity preparations. GSN R&D Centre conforms to international quality standards and houses advanced and up to date equipment.


GSN invest into R&D aiming to design / develop / optimize novel, non-infringing, commercially viable, high-safety and eco-friendly synthetic processes in line with regulatory requirements that create intellectual wealth and commercialize cost-effective, quality products in diversified therapeutic areas.




  •  Chlorination, Bromination, Sulfonation, Esterification, Nitration.. etc
  •  Condensation Reactions
  •  Oxidation and Reduction Reactions
  •  High Pressure Reactions (Raney Ni, Pd/C, Pd Catalysts etc..)
  •  Lithation reactions (n-BuLi,sec-BuLi etc...)
  •  Synthesis of Peptides (Solid Phase and Solution Phase)
  •  Asymmetric Synthesis
  •  Resolution Study
  •  Purification Studies (Column Chromatography, Reverse Phase Column, Different Resins Study and fractional distillation )
  •  Impurities Preparation and Characterization



Process Development :


  •  Robust Process Development
  •  Process/ Route Selection and Optimization
  •  Solvent CC Reduction
  •  Equalence and temperature studies
  •  Yield Improvement studies
  •  Capacity De-Bottlenecking
  •  Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies